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Why us?

- Most stable wildlife trading platform on the internet
- Most cost effective service on the market - NO SALE NO COST
- Auctions at dates and times that you decide
- Traditional auctions can be very costly exercises 
- Best user experience - Crisp & Clear information with Pictures, Videos & Interviews
- Increased exposure with your own fully customisable Breeder's page

Member of Agricultural Produce Agent CouncilMember of Wildlife Ranching South Africa

Our Mission

To become the most trusted wildlife auction and trading platform in South Africa.

At Wild Game Auctions we are passionate about making sure our customers get what they want - when they want it.  We continually strive to revolutionise the industry to provide new and more efficient ways to trade animals.

Our Goal

To create a completely interactive and trusted trading platform that both our buyers and sellers can use to trade their animals.  To create a rock solid platform that can be moulded around our customers requirements.